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DMMG, the place where SEO meets internet marketing strategy and optimized website design.  Our SEO service is just the beginning when it comes to our multi-level strategy around optimization of every channel possible to ensure the results we all seek. Classically trained search engine marketing strategists with more than twenty years experience in a range of industries, cultures, and globally famous mega brands such as Ketel One, Coors, BMW,, and Crown Royal..…just to name a few. These industry experts interface daily with the techs behind the analysis that is the key to making you and your product the experts in your field.

We build programs that are relevant, involving and meaningful to your consumer. We build upon and complement your brand’s core values. That means implementing long-range strategies that go beyond following the crowd on an occasional basis. It means establishing a reliable presence within the community, and becoming a trusted, steadfast friend deserving of adoption and loyalty.

Successful marketing today is so much less about what you say about yourself than it is about what other people say about you. DMMG develops and executes strategies that truly engage and connect with consumers through content optimization in a style, language and tone, which brings them closer to your brand.

OK, what is PPC you ask? This is another acronym for Pay Per Click which is how Google makes the big bucks. In the world of PPC you pay to use keywords that are relevant to driving new business your way. As the keywords become more competitive your campaign costs increase, sometimes by as much as 18% overnight. You pay for every single click with google. We feel there is a better way, a way that benefits your business in the long term. Imagine your website as a piece of real estate. If you are using PPC exclusively you have built a nice google house on your land. If you have instituted an aggressive SEO campaign to drive organic traffic to your site, you have built your own mansion on your land. Make sense? The final golden rule of PPC; you must always be testing your results for evaluation of how one can perform even better.

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Dawn is a strategic marketer and a creative problem solver who knows how to drive results. I worked with Dawn and her LGBT agency, MergeMedia, when I was a brand manager on Coors Light. Coors had been subject to a 30-year boycott by the LGBT community, but thanks to the integrated marketing campaign that Dawn developed, we were able to make significant share gains in that important segment. Additionally, after adopting some of Dawn’s recommendations, Coors was awarded a perfect score by the Human Rights Campaign for our commitment to the LGBT community.

I feel lucky to know Dawn, and I hope that we one day have the opportunity to work together again.

Todd Howerter

V.P. Marketing , Quantum Health