At the Dawn Meifert Marketing Group (DMMG) we love to solve problems, namely your problems. We love to solve complex business issues, reduce your stress, do what we say we are going to do and have fun while we work. This environment of inclusion happens with the help of our clients and complete transparency.

There are rules of the road when it comes to branding, strategy, SEO and PPC. We are aware the rules are there, we follow them in a creative manner to best fit the brand we are working on. Marketing, and the strategy that goes with it is not a one-size fits all kind of endeavor.

Our chemistry works for us. Loads of experience, passionate opinions, too many to count questions, curious minds and reams of research. These are the dictums of our everyday life here at the Dawn Meifert Marketing Group.

We strive to find the hidden potential of brands, the people that work for them and the consumer. Relationships, even professional ones are built on chemistry. Let’s get together, talk about your challenges and see if we are a fit.

 Our Team

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Dawn Meifert

Dawn Meifert’s marketing insights led to the end of a 30-year boycott against Coors Brewing by launching the campaign “Straight Talk from Coors.” Dawn also created glaad’s most successful psa, “Promote Freedom, Embrace Equality” starring Oscar nominated actress Julianne Moore. Having served on the National Board of Directors at glaad and LSRFA, Dawn speaks around the country to Fortune 500 companies on the value of niche marketing. A change agent and community leader, Dawn has been endorsed by the likes of Elizabeth Birch and Judy Shepard.  As a multi cultural marketing consultant Dawn has assisted brands like Ketel One and BMW with on premise programming to ensure relevant communication with target consumer. Always focused on ROI and core brand values Dawn brings big brand experience to medium and small sized business. Dawn oversees all strategic planning and gives the final stamp of approval on all go to market initiatives.





Christopher Oliver

Christopher Oliver is a software solution developer, web developer, SEO expert, inventor and digital strategist.  With extensive experience in interactive development, he has designed and built several large scale web application for companies like Sony, LG, IKEA, Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, Brown-Forman and many others.  Christopher is a great communicator has a unique talent in being able to explain complex technological processes in a way that is easy for the average person to understand. 

 Christopher has developed patented software solutions in the interactive marketing and pharmacy/medical fields. He has served as a software development instructor at Southern Methodist University’s Advanced Computer Education Center instructing MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solution Developer) classes. Christopher’s notable inventions include a revolutionary onsite marketing platform called ScanTapp, an audiovisual brainwave entrainment/manipulation technology called AV3X Digital Meditation and the RXCOMBOS pharmacy compounding software platform.




Search Engine Optimization | Internet Marketing | Dawn Meifert Marketing Group | Thad StammenThad Stammen

Thad Stammen has worked in consumer marketing and audience development for over 15 years. He served as Subscription Manager of Primedia’s McMullen Argus division (specialty: automotive) before serving as Circulation Director for Cowboys & Indians Magazine, the Premier Magazine of the West (specialty: upscale lifestyle). Following Cowboys & Indians, Thad was Circulation Director of D Magazine (specialty: regional), a privately-held city and regional magazine company focused on providing the city of Dallas with the most accurate and up-to-date information about what to do and where to go. Most recently, Thad’s efforts shifted full time into the world of online marketing, launching Audience Experts in 2010 in an effort to help small businesses grow their online presence using the tools and experience typically only available to large companies. Thad graduated from Pepperdine University in 1994 with a BS degree in Business Administration.

Thad currently is a member of the Plano Rotary Club, is on the board of the Hendrick Scholarship Foundation Golf Tournament, and is proud to be associated with numerous charitable organizations including The Plano Balloon Festival, The Plano International Festival, The North Texas Soap Box Derby, Project Access Collin County and The Collin County Adult Clinic.



Amy Anderson
Amy’s passion for design started at an early age. Her artistic ability and creative mind were always working overtime, and it was a natural progression to turn this passion into a career. She graduated with honors from the University of North Texas with a BFA in Communication Design and a top design portfolio nomination. Prior to forming her own design studio, Dragonfly Creative Design, Amy worked for an award-winning design studio in downtown Dallas.
Amy’s work has always focused on helping clients build brands from the ground up. Every logo, brochure, website, annual report, stationery package or other print collateral piece she produces is purposeful and meaningful. She believes in attention to every detail, and if it doesn’t serve a purpose, then it shouldn’t be there. Her strongest skill is in conceptual design, because she believes design should not only look good but also be meaningful. She has worked on projects for numerous clients such as CitySquare (Formerly Central Dallas Ministries), The Dallas Foundation, IKEA, Sony, American Heart Association, Crosstex Energy Services, Dallas White Rock Marathon, Gerald Ray & Associates, The Peoples Bank & Trust, The Real Estate Council, Waste Control Specialists, The Weather Channel, Brown-Forman, Coors Light, Susan G. Komen Foundation, Fashion Industry Gallery (F.I.G.), Dallas Citizens Council and many others. Amy’s work has been recognized in the Print Regional Design Annual, and in many local and regional competitions including the Dallas Society of Visual Communications, the Art Director’s Club of Houston and the Mississippi Addy Awards. In addition to logo design and print collateral design, Amy focuses on front-end website interface design and development. This includes information architecture planning, user interface design, html/css programming and animation planning.

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Accounts Payable

Filomeana Aceto

Ok, so this is not really Filomena but we thought this was more fun than an Italian woman with a broom in her hand. Have questions about your billing or are willing to pay early? Great, Fil loves you!! She handles all the receivables/payables so if you have a complaint feel free to give her a call.