ROI on your SEOI recently had a conversation with a friend that is also in the marketing field, she had just recently landed a new client with a big monthly retainer for social network marketing. When I inquired what the 12 month strategy looked like she said that basically they would be updating the clients Facebook page and twitter feed several times per day. She added that everyone wants on the social network train and its super easy to sell right now…..

Providing free content is a part of your strategy, it should not be the only strategy. Getting people interested in your story and your brand is good, getting them to then buy your product or pick up the phone is critical. Does your Facebook page do that for you? In general, no. Facebook is an excellent communication tool and brand builder, however if you want to drive revenue you will need to develop a focused, aggressive advertising campaign using Facebook’s filtering tools to drill down to your core demographic. Then you will need a strong, compelling call to action.

Leveraging every available platform you have to raise your results with search engine’s has provided a better return on investment for our clients, its tracked every single day and we make adjustments accordingly. Facebook is a part of our plans, its just not the only plan and it shouldn’t be yours either!