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SEO Agency Schenectady

Not ready to hire an SEO agency?

That’s ok, we will perform as your SEO consultant to help you get your sea legs.

SEO Consultant Schenectady

DMMG will work out individual contracts for SEO consultation around specific projects. Want to be sure you are thinking about the right website platform? Done. Wondering what to do with all of the social media choices? We’ve got you covered. Branding is a word you should know, but you are a bit confused on exactly what branding is? We’re here to help.

Thirty – day to one – year projects, the length of the ongoing SEO consultation is completely up to you and dictated by your scope of work. We are not here to borrow your watch and tell you what time it is, we are here to dig deep into the issues hindering your success.

Don’t make the mistakes that so many of our clients have made in the past, get the right answers up front and plan accordingly. As a small business, your local SEO is critical to your success. DMMG can easily run a local optimization audit to get you going in the right direction. We can also assist you in your call to action for greater conversion of new traffic.





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“The personal attention that I receive from Dawn and her team has been nothing short of amazing, no one takes the time today to personally interface with their clients in the manner that Dawn does. She’s old school like that however, her teams tactics are anything but. They have saved me tens of thousands of dollars while consistently driving revenue to my practice. I have been with them for three years and have no intention of ever going anywhere else.”


Dr. Mark Hickman

Head Surgeon, Micro Vas Reversals