As a search engine optimization company, the hardest part of our job is revealing mistakes the previous agency made and it can be heartbreaking. Time after time we hear the same story; I hired an agency/individual/yellow pages and have spent thousands with nothing in return. This situation not only stinks, it’s costly!

I have learned that there are many “experts” out there that make wild claims about what they can do for your business, only to really know a small portion of what deep optimization is and how hard the work is to succeed on behalf of you, the client.

So let’s take a look at a screenshot:

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Dr. Hickman was spending close to $12,000/month on a PPC campaign FOLLOWING a failed SEO venture with another agency. Our contract began on August 1st, 2012 and you can see for yourself that when our program began to gain traction on September 10th his website views SHOT thru the roof! So what does this mean in terms of revenue? ┬áDr. Hickman’s practice just finished building a new surgical center, his billing is up 23% over the previous year and his advertising costs have been lowered.

No wonder he loves us!